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“Enki the boy kid held in his palms, the impression of perfection was he. He slapped the newborn on his hindparts; the newborn uttered right sounds. He handed the new child to Ninmah. ‘My arms have designed it!

, Janet delivers collectively all her fields of curiosity and shares her possess direct, upfront and personal experiences While using the Anunnaki, Greys, the army dealing with the ETs and her adventures within the base the ETs and our clandestine military hide under Johnston Atoll in the Pacific. Janet frequently downloads messages from Ninmah, the Anunnaki mother of humanity.

A 7-foot carved stone about the southwestern edge from the sunken plaza, almost certainly Adad with his thunderbolt and his cult animal, the bull of his grandfather, Enlil.

Alalu nuked the volcanoes to spew an ash shield about Nibiru. The bombs didn’t activate eruptions. The ambiance’s hole grew. Alalu also despatched fifty researchers towards the Asteroids for gold. A rock strike their rocket and killed all of them.

Stonehenge commenced having a ditch and also a berm, an earthen circle using a circumference of 1050 ft at its bottom, twelve feet extensive, 6 toes deep, digging up two elevated banking companies in this outer ring on the circle are fifty six pits. Ningishzidda remaining the northeast Component of the Dust ring undug being an entrance to the center from the circle. The 2 (now missing) gateway stones that flanked the doorway.

“The boat of Ziusudra the tidal wave from its moorings lifted, then plunged beneath the raging waves. “Nevertheless totally submerged, not a drop of water into it did enter.

3 enormous walls of large stones “rise a single at the rear of top article the opposite, each one increased as opposed to one particular before it to some combined top of sixty ft.” The walls run parallel to one another inside of a zigzag” and protect this area from the remainder of the promontory. Earth-fills driving Each individual wall created terraces. The lowest first [Anunnaki-crafted] wall, crafted of colossal boulders” weigh 10 to twenty tons, numerous fifteen toes significant, fourteen ft lengthy and thick.

underneath: “That first picture is kinda near but consider the facial characteristics from the eyebrow up far more pronounced and the complete facial area/head was translucent.”

The Anunnaki dictated their world view to Earthling scribes of Iraq (then referred to as Sumer). Clay tablets the gods dictated declare that again on Nibiru, a king and his navy ruled. The gods dictated tales of how, 450,000 several years in the past, they acquired gold from Earth And just how, until 300,000 decades back, when they created us with the mines, they delivered the gold back again to Nibiru.

Every single on the smaller chambers has a considerable flat basin stone. Every year, in the Winter season solstice, the climbing Solar shines directly alongside the long passage and lights up the interior chamber and, for seventeen minutes, daylight enters the passage by way of a specifically contrived opening, known as a roofbox, directly earlier mentioned the most crucial look at this website entrance.

The builders quarried the gigantic stone blocks miles absent and moved them “over mountains, valleys, gorges and streams.”

Skirmishes and also the chance of harmful war grew involving Enki’s and Enlil’s lineages. Then their darlings made a reference decision to marry. Enkiite and Enlilite elders hoped that if Dumuzi wed Inanna, lethal rivalry among their lineages would end.

Enki organized to the waves. Right before they strike, he despatched Ninagal with bins to Ziusudra. The bins held “DNA, sperm and ova, ‘the everyday living essence and daily life eggs of residing creatures it consists of, through the Lord Enki and Ninmah collected. From the wrath of Enlil being concealed, to life resurrected if Earth be prepared.’”

A massive spider gylph depicts the constellation Orion, the extension the spider’s leg to the viewer’s appropriate, locates the star Sirius. The glyphs as well as the mandalas fashioned from the structure of Anunnaki constructions may possibly happen to be signals for off-worlder viewers.

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